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IGWN Conda Distribution

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The IGWN Conda Distribution (IGWN-Conda) is a programme to manage and distribute software and environments used by the International Gravitational-Wave Observatory Network (IGWN) using the conda package manager, the conda-forge community, and the CernVM File System (CVMFS).


Use a pre-built environment (linux only):

CVMFS is read-only

The pre-built environments are read only. If you need a modifiable environment, please see Clone an environment, or Managing packages.

  1. Install and configure CVMFS; if you are running on the IGWN Computing Grid, you will not need to do this.

  2. Configure conda:

    source /cvmfs/
  3. Activate an environment:

    conda activate igwn-py38

Or install miniconda yourself:

  1. Install Miniconda.

  2. Add the conda-forge channel:

    conda config --add channels conda-forge
  3. Download one of the environment YAML files, see Environments.

  4. Install the environment locally:

    conda env create --file <environment>.yaml


For full details of what environments are included in the distribution, and their contents, see Environments.

More helpful hints

See Tips and tricks for more useful hints to help you best utilise the IGWN Conda Distribution.


If you would like to improve the IGWN Conda distributions, please consider one of the following actions: