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IGWN Software Change Control Board

What is the SCCB?

The Software Change Control Board (SCCB) is charged by the joint IGWN Computing & Software Committee with assessing the impact of proposed changes to specifications and software used for scientific analyses and deciding to adopt, revise or reject these changes.

The SCCB charge is available as LIGO-T1800406.
The procedures for software change are documented in LIGO-L1800001.


The current members are

Name Institution Role
Sharon Brunett LIGO | Caltech (USA) LIGO Lab computing
James Clark Georgia Tech (USA) Data analysis software
Duncan Macleod Cardiff (UK) Chair, LIGO DetChar, packaging
Greg Mendell LIGO | LHO (USA) LIGO Lab computing, LIGO calibration
Adam Mercer UW-Milwaukee (USA) LALSuite, packaging
Rhys Poulton EGO (Italy) Virgo computing
Jamie Rollins LIGO | Caltech (USA) LIGO CDS

Change Requests

All change requests should follow the SCCB requests procedure.

Procedure enhancement proposals

For details on how to propose a change to the SCCB requests procedure, see Procedure enhancements.


To contact the SCCB (please do!), e-mail