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IGWN Software Metapackages

This page describes the metapackages that are available in the IGWN Software Distributions to simplify software envirnoment configuration.

See the User guide for instructions on how to configure and use the metapackages, and also how to propose changes or additions.

The available metapackages are:

Package name Description
igwn-all IGWN metapackage to install everything
igwn-batch-execute IGWN batch execute node services
igwn-batch-submit IGWN batch submit node services
igwn-cvmfs IGWN CVMFS client tools
igwn-dev-libraries IGWN software development libraries metapackage
igwn-dev-node IGWN development node metapackage
igwn-dev-tools IGWN software development tools metapackage
igwn-execute-node IGWN batch execute node tools
igwn-iam Requirements for IGWN user/client authentication
igwn-lalsuite-dev IGWN LALSuite Development metapackage
igwn-packaging-test IGWN meta-package for packaging testing
igwn-packaging-tools Metapackage to pull in general packaging tools for IGWN
igwn-pipelines-dev IGWN development packages metapackage
igwn-pipelines IGWN pipelines metapackage
igwn-shell IGWN metapackage to install shells
igwn-submit-node IGWN batch submit node tools
igwn-utilities IGWN metapackage to install utilities

For instructions how to configure your package manager to be able to install the metapackages, see