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What is the LSC DataGrid?

The LSC DataGrid is the combination of LSC computational and data storage resources with so called "Grid Computing middleware" to create a coherent and uniform LSC data analysis environment.

More specifically, the LSC DataGrid is the combination of

together with Grid Computing software such as Globus, GridFTP, and Condor and tools built from them that allows LSC scientists to access resources and analyze data in a coherent and uniform way.

Junwei Cao presented the poster Enabling LIGO Applications on Scientific Grids and Duncan Brown presented the poster Grid Development and Deployment of LIGO Scientific Collaboration Data Analysis Software at the Open Science Grid Consortium Meeting held in Milwaukee in July 2005. Both posters explain in detail some ongoing LSC/LIGO Data Grid work within the LSC.

Is the LSC DataGrid up and running?

Yes! We have a good start and a number of friendly users have been trying various tools and giving us feedback at a number of sites.

Right now most of the development is being coordinated within the DASWG working group, along with LIGO-GriPhyN working group.

How can I get started?

Visit the Getting Started web page.

How can I contribute?

You want to contribute to the LSC Data Grid effort? Excellent! Please attend either the weekly DASWG meeting (for LSC scientists) or the weekly LSC Admins meeting (for LSC system administrators).

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