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General Information
LSC LIGO Scientific Collaboration
LIGO-Hanford Observatory
LIGO-Livingston Observatory

DataGrid Details

What is LSC DataGrid?
LDG Clusters Usage [Ganglia]
Available Data per site
Grid Service Details [Monitoring]

User Manual

How to get started
Install Data Grid Client
Getting Certificates
Account Request
SSH Login Portal
CVS/Bug Account Request
Request Software changes to SCCB

Admin Manual [(*) = optional]

Install DataGrid Server
Get server certificates
Configure/deploy Condor
Include site into Grid Monitoring
Graceful Condor shutdown
(*) Configure/deploy CondorView
(*) Configure Condor Flocking
(*) CondorC on LDG
LAMS / VOMS Admin [LSC internal]
Syracuse X4500 wiki [passwd required]
Edit these web pages

Request/Bug Tracking

Request Tracking System [RT]
LDG trouble ticket system


Reference O/S Schedule

LDG Collaborations

Condor-LIGO biweekly telecon
Globus-LIGO monthly telecon
LIGO VO in Open Science Grid [OSG]
Archival GriPhyN-LIGO WG pages



LSC DataGrid Client Installation

Reference Platforms

Old Reference Platforms

The following platforms are no longer supported and you are encouraged to update your system to one of the newer reference platforms listed above. Whilst these packages are still available they are no longer supported.

Other Platforms

The following platforms are supported on a "best-effort" basis only, the available versions may lag behind those offered on the reference platforms and any tickets filed will not be given the same priority as on the reference platforms.

Failsafe Instructions

If your platform is not listed above, or you do not have root access, you can build the Globus Toolkit from source which will enable you to access LSC clusters, using gsissh. These instructions are provided as a last resort and will be supported on a "best-effort" basis where possible.

SSH Login Portal

If you are having problems obtaining a certificate, installing the LDG Client packages, or just want to temporarily access the LDG from a different machine please follow these instructions to access the SSH Login Portal.

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