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Rocky Linux 9

IGWN Software support for Enterprise Linux 9 is provided via packages built against the Rocky Linux 9 base operating system.

Configuring dnf

The IGWN-Production RPM Repository

To configure dnf to see the IGWN-Production RPM Repository:

  1. Download the configuration RPM for the IGWN-Production Repository

    curl -LO
  2. Validate the file using the checksum

    echo "238048a810c92469999834634b131df3 igwn-production-config-9-5.el9.noarch.rpm" | md5sum -c -
  3. Install the RPM:

    rpm --install igwn-production-config-9-5.el9.noarch.rpm
  4. Clear the yum cache and initialise the repository:

    dnf clean all
    dnf makecache

The system should now be configured to track the LSCSoft Production repository.

Other IGWN RPM Repositories

CompSoft hosts other RPM repositories beyond the Production repo:

Repository Purpose
igwn-testing RPMS currently being acceptance-tested
igwn-backports Non-IGWN software rebuilt by IGWN
igwn-development RPMS that introduce backwards incompatible API/ABI changes for testing1

Once the IGWN-Production RPM Repository has been configured, to install one of these other repositories, install the <repo>-config RPM, e.g. for igwn-testing:

dnf install igwn-testing-config

Contributing software

To contribute software to the IGWN RPM Repositories:

  1. Upload a source distribution to a supported archive

  2. Open an IGWN Software Change Request ensuring that the Rocky Linux 9 distribution checkbox is filled.


For support using the IGWN RPM Repositories, please open a ticket with the IGWN Computing Help Desk.

  1. Tracking this repository can leave your system in a broken state, unless you know what you are doing it is recommended to not track this repository.