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Rocky Linux 8

IGWN Software support for Enterprise Linux 8 is provided via packages built against the Rocky Linux 8 base operating system.

Configuring dnf

The IGWN-Production RPM Repository

To configure dnf to see the IGWN-Production RPM Repository:

  1. Download the configuration RPM for the IGWN-Production Repository

    curl -LO
  2. Validate the file using the checksum

    echo "9b45e162719d5185d86255ec89ff8c6e igwn-production-config-8-9.el8.noarch.rpm" | md5sum -c -
  3. Install the RPM:

    rpm --install igwn-production-config-8-9.el8.noarch.rpm
  4. Clear the yum cache and initialise the repository:

    dnf clean all
    dnf makecache

The system should now be configured to track the IGWN Production repository.

The packages in the IGWN Production repository have dependencies on packages from the EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) Repository, so this also needs to be available. In order to support more stable operation we don't directly track upstream EPEL, but use a snapshot which allows us to more carefully control when system are updated.

The repository configuration for the IGWN EPEL Snapshot can be installed with:

dnf install igwn-epel-config

If you have the configuration for Upstream EPEL enabled, this can be disabled by using:

dnf install 'dnf-command(config-manager)'
dnf config-manager --set-disabled epel

Other IGWN RPM Repositories

CompSoft hosts other RPM repositories beyond the Production repo:

Repository Purpose
igwn-epel IGWN EPEL Snapshot repository
igwn-testing RPMS currently being acceptance-tested
igwn-backports Non-IGWN software rebuilt by IGWN
igwn-development RPMS that introduce backwards incompatible API/ABI changes for testing1

Once the IGWN-Production RPM Repository has been configured, to install one of these other repositories, install the <repo>-config RPM, e.g. for igwn-testing:

dnf install igwn-testing-config

Contributing software

To contribute software to the IGWN RPM Repositories:

  1. Upload a source distribution to a supported archive

  2. Open an IGWN Software Change Request ensuring that the Rocky Linux 8 distribution checkbox is filled.


For support using the IGWN RPM Repositories, please open a ticket with the IGWN Computing Help Desk.

  1. Tracking this repository can leave your system in a broken state, unless you know what you are doing it is recommended to not track this repository.