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Reference software environments

The IGWN Computing and Software Commitee maintains a set of reference software environments that include the software packages necessary to complete many of the highest-priority scientific analyses.

These environments are available on all IGWN shared computing centres, providing a consistent research environment regardless of the location.

Software changes are controlled

Which packages are included in the reference environments is controlled by the Software Change Control Board, for full details see

The IGWN Conda Distribution

The reference environments are also available via the conda package manager. The IGWN Conda Distribution provides the reference software environments, as well as proposed and testing environments that include advanced versions of packages.

For full details, see

The LIGO Data Grid software environment

The LIGO Data Grid - that subset of the IGWN Computing Network - operated by the LSC, includes the reference software environment in its base software stack, which is enabled by default for all users. Typically this means that necessary analysis software executables can be executed just by referencing the executable name, with no prior configuration required.