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The IGWN Computing Grid is based on top of HTCondor, a specialized workload management system for compute-intensive jobs. HTCondor is used to specify discrete work units (jobs) you want completed that are then distributed across the available resources with sophisticated scheduling, prioritisation, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

Basic HTCondor Usage

For an excellent introduction to HTCondor usage, please refer to the official HTCondor Users' Manual:

The remainder of this guide describes the non-standard features of the IGWN Computing Grid.

Access to the IGWN Computing Grid

See Access point for details on how to access the IGWN Computing Grid.

IGWN Computing Grid features

The following pages describe those features specific to the IGWN Computing Grid.

Mandatory extra features

The following extra considerations are MANDATORY:

Optional extra features

The following extra considerations are OPTIONAL, depending on the requirements of your workflow:

IGWN Grid Management and Administration

  • How to upgrade the version of HTCondor running on the IGWN Grid.
  • How to add a new test to the IGWN Grid pilot (aka glidein) jobs prior to job (aka "payload") execution.