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Help and support

Project helpdesks

Many projects operate their own help desk, so if the relevant project is listed below, you may get a better response by directly using the help system listed below.

The IGWN Computing Help Desk

The IGWN Computing Help Desk is staffed by the IGWN Computing Team, and serves as a triage location for any and all computing-related issues collaboration members may experience, or questions they may have.

Computing issues can be reported by posted a ticket to the IGWN Computing Help Desk in one of two ways:

Post a help desk ticket (preferred)

The most direct way to report an issue is by opening a new issue via the GitLab web interface.

Click here to create a help desk ticket

Please use a template!

There are a number of issue templates available to tailor your report to the specific problem. The templates typically ask you to provide specific information that will enable the Computing Team to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

What if I don't have a account?

All GEO, KAGRA, LIGO, and Virgo collaboration members are eligible to create a free GitLab account on, see here for detailed (but short) instructions.

Email the help desk

If you do not have a GitLab account, you can report an issue by sending an email to

Feedback on this site

If you would like to suggest an improvement to this site:

Click here to create an issue

All pages on this site also have an edit button styled as a pencil (), simply click on that button to navigate to the source markdown for that page, where you can propose an edit to the page.


  • Please review the contributing guide before submitting your edits.
  • When proposing edits using the pencil () links, please make sure that you change the Target Branch option on the web editor to something specific to your change (e.g. update-htcondor-docs) and ensure that the Start a new merge request with these changes checkbox is checked (). This will ensure that your change can be reviewed before being accepted.