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Gitlab CI/CD Components

GitLab supports CI/CD components, reusable pipeline configuration units that create parts of the whole pipeline, and can be shared easily across multiple projects.

The IGWN Computing and Software Working Group maintain a suite of CI/CD components that are visible in the IGWN GitLab CI/CD Catalog:

Look for computing/gitlab/components in the component path

The components supported by IGWN Computing and Software are all published from the computing/gitlab/components namespace.

These components are all rigorously tested and follow semantic versioning.

IGWN Computing provides mirrors of components

For technical reasons, a pipeline can only use components on the same GitLab instance (i.e. from To support using components from, the IGWN Computing group also support mirrors of components provided by GitLab (the company) on

These are bundled into the computing/gitlab/components group alonside the custom IGWN components; look for the GitLab logo on the project page.


IGWN Computing supports components for the following domains: