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Shared IGWN Data

Namespace CVMFS path Read scope Write scope
/igwn/shared /cvmfs/ read:/shared N/A

As well as the 'primary' raw and aggregated h(t) datasets, IGWN working groups often prepare their own processed or auxiliary data sets to enable their scientific analysis.

Such datasets may be distributed using OSDF for global access under the /igwn/shared namespace.

Publishing shared data

Work in progress

Infrastructure to publish shared datasets in a curated manner is in development, please check back here later for more details.

Accessing shared data

Data in the /igwn/shared namespace can be accessed using the OSDF client:

Downloading the shared README

stashcp /igwn/shared/README ./

Work in progress

Once the publication infrastructure is complete, this page will be updated with some more real-world examples.