Accounting tags are required

Jobs without accounting tags which are submitted from IGWN hosts will fail instantly.

In order to keep track of how much computing is used for IWGN data processing, all jobs that are submitted must be tagged with an accounting group, identifying the analysis being performed.

All jobs must include an accounting_group argument in their condor submission file referencing a pre-approved tag, e.g:

universe = vanilla
executable = /usr/bin/od
arguments = -An -N2 -i
input = /dev/random
output = /dev/null
accounting_group =
queue 1

Additionally, if the jobs are submitted from a shared user account, e.g. cbc, then accounting_group_user must be included to indicate which human being is responsible for those jobs, e.g:

accounting_group =
accounting_group_user = marie.curie

For more details on accounting tags, and how to select one, see, and for accounting data summaries, see