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Gwave (PSU)

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This service is available for all @LIGO.ORG registered collaboration members with accounts and access coordinated as part of the LIGO Data Grid.


Hostname Description Memory CPU model # core
ligo0{1,2} Production submit nodes 192GB 2 x 2.6GHz Xeon Gold 6126 12
comp-ex-0{001-184} Production compute nodes 192GB 2 x 2.6GHz Xeon Gold 6126 12

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Additional Information

Important Directories

  • /ligo/home/ for normal user files, analysis output, etc.
  • /ligo/software/ for software builds
  • /cvmfs: CVMFS data files served from a local NFS Aliencache and remote Stashcaches

Building Software

When compiling software, use the /ligo/software/ directory instead of the /ligo/home/ directory.

Conda Environments

By default, user conda environments are stored in /ligo/home/, so this must be changed via:

ENV_DIR='conda-envs'    # this is the folder name where you want to keep your environments
mkdir -p /ligo/software/${USER}/${ENV_DIR}
conda config --add envs_dirs /ligo/software/${USER}/${ENV_DIR}

Use conda activate to load environments as usual. Verify your setup with conda info --env; output should be similar to this:

$ conda info --env
# conda environments:
test-env             *  /ligo/software/<conda-envs>/envs/test-env

To shorten the long path that prefixes the terminal prompt, enter:

conda config --set env_prompt '({name})'

After building software or moving environments to the /ligo/software directory, reference that path in your HTCondor submit and DAG files in place of your /ligo/home directory.