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Your collaboration identity

All IGWN Collaboration members will be given an online identity by one (or more) of the member collaborations when they register as a member. This identity will uniquely define your membership in that collaboration, and will be used to assign privileges to you, including access to online computing resources such as wikis and documents. Computing resources managed by different collaborations may require different identities for access, so an IGWN collaboration member may require more than one identity to access all IGWN resources.

Test your identity by accessing the Wiki

A good way to test your collaboration identity is to attempt to access the IGWN wiki at

If you cannot access that service, please email for assistance.

Obtaining a collaboration identity


KAGRA members may contact Hirotaka Takahashi ( for information about getting a KAGRA identity.


In LIGO (the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) and the LIGO Laboratory), all members are assigned a unique 'LIGO.ORG' identity that is used across all LIGO-operated computing services. To register for a LIGO account, go to and complete the relevant form.


For Virgo members, the identity from your home institution is used for authorisation and access management, please contact your group leader for detailed information.

Access to Computing centres

Registered collaboration members are not automatically granted access to any shared computing centres. Please see Access to computing centres for details on how to apply for access to shared computing centres.