Chapter 2. Installation

Table of Contents

Installing from packages
Installing from source
Obtaining the source code
Environment script
Installing with MacPorts
Installing with Windows installer

It is easy to install the NDS client on Mac OS X using the MacPorts package and on Windows using the Windows installer, or from source on Linux, UNIX, or Mac OS X.

Installing from packages

The recommended way to install the nds2 client software is from the LSC soft package repositories. You should configure your box to use the LSC soft repositories (the details of this are out of scope of this document, but you may consult for information.

If you are using a Debian 8 you can install the packages using apt-get:
	$ apt-get install
If you are using a Scientific Linux 7 system you can install the packages using yum:
$  sudo yum install nds2-client-all